Steve Flynn Photography


My two passions are sports and photography and as a sports photographer I am very lucky to be able to combine these and have have fun doing it. I am a freelance Sports photographer based in the North West of England but will travel anywhere to cover an event.

I have been an avid sports fan for as long as I can remember. It does not matter which sport it is, if it involves running, jumping, kicking, passing or hitting I study it and understand it. It is this in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of sports which helps me to capture great images - anticipating when a ball will be passed or a tackle made.

I am a contract photographer with USA TODAY Sports Images, Image of Sport, and

As well as my knowledge of the sports I cover I study an assignment to ensure I capture the detail of the event from before the first fan or athlete arrives until the lights have been turned off and the gates locked! I have reinforced my knowledge by investing in regular technical training with some of the leading sports photographers and editors in the world, this investment I see as vital to my development in a world where everyone can learn something new, how couldn't anyone learn from such sports legends as Peter Read Miller, John McDonough, Dave Black and Mark Terrill and editors of the calibre of Bob Rosato, Steve Fine and Brad Smith!

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